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I have been teaching marketing to evening and Executive MBA students since 2007. I have seen their determination, hard work, and grit to make it through these graduate programs and earn their MBA degrees. 

Many people talk about the challenges they have overcome and it is impressive. I have seen MBA students balance working full time, attending class, doing group work projects, studying, doing assignments, and being present with their families. They have mastered the time management challenge! 

I wanted to make something tangible to recognize the hard work students are putting in to get the MBA degree. I really like coffee and drink a lot every day. So I am starting with the Grit MBA coffee mug. 

In December 2023, ALL PROFITS  from the Grit MBA coffee mug will go to a local nonprofit that I am supporting, Art for the Journey. In 2024 I will donate 10% of the profits. Please see our FAQs for more details. 

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The Grit MBA coffee mug front side
The Grit MBA coffee mug  back side