MBA textbooks

All graduate business programs have assigned MBA textbooks, cases, and online resources that students have to use. They break down by discipline and in most cases, the teaching faculty specify the exact MBA textbooks and materials. Before buying textbooks be sure to confirm they are the exact title, author, and edition. Also, some faculty are ok with Kindle ebooks instead of hardbacks.

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My list is by no means definitive, it is just a simple starting point for the MBA textbooks that you will likely use. Your books and cases will offer many tools and frameworks. Think of tools as formulas with precise answers (think Finance NPV or Weighted Average Cost of Capital). Frameworks, on the other hand, are ways to make a decision based on the information that you have at the moment. In marketing, these are the 4Ps and the Problem Formulation. Harvard-style cases are used to drive in-person classroom discussion on a particular business challenge.

My MBA textbook list is grouped by subject and all the links go to Amazon. Some students have asked me about what books to keep in their personal business book library. Generally, I recommend keeping the foundational books like the Kotler for marketing. These have tools and frameworks that are timeless and always useful when working through business challenges.

These books are linked to Amazon and I do not receive commission if you buy the book using this link.

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