MBA Socials

MBA socials are for networking with other students, alumni, and faculty. Usually these are positive experiences where you can learn more about another person’s interests, passions, and goals. A few people may make a romantic connection. The challenge is that some people may overindulge alcohol which may lead to unfortunate perceptions. 

MBA socials where students may have a drink

On-campus or off-site venues may serve beer, wine, and cocktails just like any other business event. However, an MBA social is different because you are amongst your classmates, alumni, and faculty. How you act in social situations can affect your time in school and afterwards, especially if it diminishes your personal brand.

People pursue an MBA degree to gain needed skills and connections for success. Success comes from your relationships with others, especially your classmates, alumni, and faculty. Your personal brand goal is to be easy to work with, deliver on what you say you will do, and build connections. 

Anything that detracts from your positive personal brand such as drinking to much, extreme political views, overt racism, or displays of low EQ will be remembered. Everyone has a bad day and that is no issue. But repeated poor judgement will reduce your standing.  

There is reason why they only give two drink tickets at socials …

TLDR: Do not drink to much at socials because people are watching.

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