MBA International Trip 2024

Attention aspiring part-time or weekend MBA students! Are you considering taking the leap into graduate education? Many MBA programs offer international trips as part of their curriculum, providing invaluable insights into global business practices. While there are plenty of student perspectives available online, I’m here to offer a unique behind-the-scenes look from the faculty/staff perspective.

flag of Chile international trip

Join me on an exciting journey as I share my experiences as an administrator on the Executive MBA trip to South America, specifically Chile and Argentina, organized by Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of Business. Over the coming days, I’ll be posting daily updates, giving you a glimpse into the planning, logistics, and unique challenges involved in orchestrating an international MBA trip.

flag of Argentina international trip

Please note that the views expressed on this platform are my own and do not represent those of Virginia Commonwealth University. 

So mark your calendars and stay tuned for daily updates on this exhilarating MBA international trip!

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