Taking Control of Missed MBA Assignments

Missed MBA assignments can seriously impact your GPA. Learn proactive steps to take if you anticipate being unable to complete a homework or in-class task.

student pondering their GPA in a bench on campus with a backpack by DeepAI.org. Why am i missing assignments?

Before the holiday break, I posted the grades, and to my dismay, several students had missed assignments. This resulted in a significant reduction of their course grades, sometimes by an entire letter grade. While falling a few points short of an “A” may seem inconsequential to some, earning a “C” in graduate school is a matter of great concern. 

In most universities, maintaining “Satisfactory Academic Progress” is crucial. Exceeding one “C” grade or receiving a “D” can trigger an automatic review by the Graduate School Dean and potential dismissal from the MBA program. Additionally, Federal Student financial aid hinges on satisfactory academic progress.

So, what should you do if you anticipate missing an assignment due date?

Firstly, reach out to your instructor and cc the MBA program office. In some instances, submitting an assignment late incurs penalties after faculty grading. For instance, if a student answered all finance problems correctly but turned in the assignment one day late, the MBA program office might deduct 10 points, resulting in a 90/100 on the assignment.

Secondly, if the assignment cannot be submitted late, such as an in-class quiz, contact the faculty in advance and request an alternative assignment.

Assuming your reasons are valid, like jury duty, having a baby, military deployment, or a scheduled board of directors meeting, faculty members will generally cooperate with you.

The most common mistake students make is failing to communicate with their faculty and the MBA program office. When no one is informed, a zero is recorded for the missing assignment. Missed assignments can turn “A”s into “B”s, and “B”s can drop to “C”s, placing your file on the Graduate School Dean’s desk for review. Take charge of your MBA journey by being proactive and keeping the lines of communication open.

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