Restarant in Buenos Aries, Argentina located in former palace


Things happen when traveling and some are controllable and others uncontrollable. When flights get cancelled or are delayed it is not controllable by the traveler. This happens and you have to roll with the flow.  This happened to several students and staff.

Controllable issues like having a misspelled name on the ticket or misplacing a passport are issues the traveler owns. Both of these happened to me!

I ended up staying two extra days in Buenos Aires due to my own issues. I got a chance to spend more time with students and see a bit more of the city. 

Overall I feel like this EMBA trip was successful from an academic content and student experience perspective. We had eight meetings, two city tours, and two cultural events. The students got to have team dinners and many did self organized cultural events.

Many thanks to all of our in fellow faculty & staff, in country partners and meeting hosts!

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