Top 10 MBA application tips

Need my Top 10 MBA application tips? Late winter to early spring are the usual times candidates apply to their MBA programs of choice. Some programs have multiple application rounds and throughout this period all they way to the fall start of classes. Getting admitted early can give you access to scholarships, networking socials, and more time on the prerequisites before classes start. 

In the spirit of the application season, here are my Top 10 MBA application tips.

  1. Do your research on the type of program (full-time, Part-time/weeknd), format (in-person, online, or hybrid), and tuition. 
  2. Get stakeholder buy-in from your spouse, significant other, family, and employer. 
  3. ID your funding sources for tuition (e.g. FASFA loans, employer tuition assistance, GI Bill, etc.).
  4. Make sure your career goals align with the program selected in #1 above. 
  5. Update your resume.
  6. Write a personal statement and proofread it twice.
  7. Let your references know what to do and give them details (program applied for, your resume, due date, etc.).
  8. Be prepared for an in-person or video interview with appropriate grooming, attire, and attitude.
  9. International students will need to plan on a visa and getting their transcripts translated to a US equivalency. 
  10. Keep tabs on the official transcripts and references pending on your application. Until your application is compete, no admission decision can be made. 
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