Last-minute applications to the fall semester

All across the USA, MBA part-time and weekend programs will be starting soon. The third week of August is when fall semester classes start at many programs. For MBA students with admission and prep work done, it is an exciting time. Counting down the days and wrapping up projects before time gets tight with readings, group meetings, and assignments. 

However, some prospective MBA applicants are just getting started. For many reasons, some prospects will apply now for a fall seat if available. The reasons are many but could include final approvals being slow from their employer, early discharge from the military due to non-reenlistment or early retirement, and relocation. 

The key for candidates is to focus on the essential parts of the application and begin to prepare for the start of classes. 

MBA fall semester applications post with tips
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Here are my three top tips for last-minute applications:

1-Contact the program and ask if they are still doing rolling admissions. If they are great, if not think about plan B, the Spring semester program starts. 

2-Complete the application quickly. Do not write War & Peace for your statement of intent. Draft an outline and get ChatGPT to produce a first draft and then edit it. 

3-Sort out the stakeholders in your life. Make sure your spouse/significant other, employer, and family know about the time commitments and benefits to your career. 

I got out of the military with an early release, then drove 600 miles to get the MBA program that I wanted less than a week before fall semester classes started. It can be done but you will need to hustle.

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